CCNA Exam: Access list


1)This is mentioned at one of the Prep Test
2)The access list is as the followings:
" access-list 101 permit ip any "
3) My questions: i) i understood up to " access-list 101 permit", ii) why it needs to mention the wording of "ip" ?, iii) The " " is a subnet? (confirm please), iv) for what is the wording "any" (if it has been mentioned the subnet ""; so it will cover anything, right?)
4) Thank you

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atlas_shudderedConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network EngineerCommented:
Future Paper Tiger -

ip - ACLs can be configured open ended or focused to spefically toward a particulary port/protocol using the call tcp or udp. refers to the originating scope, in this case the entire subnet.

any refers to the destination scope, in this case any network.

The ACL essentially says - allow any traffic from the source subnet to any destination.
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