Wireless Router (Lunksys BEFW11S4) wiht WPA-PSK - TKIP

Hi all,
I have the following router above. This router have a static IP taht connect to the INternet.
I upgrade the firware becuase i wanted to have more strong security from WEP TO WPA yesterday. and One of our laptop Authenticate to the Wireless using the key, but it is not getting an IP adrress, the IP it is always in renewing stage looping on I have to put input a static IP in order to connect to the internet.
Some of my configuration is
wireless channel: 3-2.427 GHZ
Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enabled
wireless security: enable
security mode: wpa PSK
wpa algoriths: TKIP
Wpa key: Abc!^1234a
group key renewal: 600 seconds
Please help. What i need to do ont he Router? I do not want to go back and use WEP.
Thanks a lot,
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FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
know what i did is to change the encryption to back to WEP which i did not really want it since that is why i upgrade the firware of this router (Lynsys BEFW11S4) Wireless-B. More secure encryption. i guess i will keep this router or buy a new one.
(all laptops are getting an IP)
last thing i can do is to reset to factory default and enter the info back?
what you think guys?
Since the update, did you check to make sure that DHCP is turned on withing the router settings?
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
yes, it is on.
i have an Iphone that connect to this wireless network wiht now problem.
what it can be? any protocol related issue?
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FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
I was able to play around wiht the wireless settings, and i just changed the Beacon Interval from 100 to 10, and that was it. I received the IP which i have my laptop setting to recieved everything automatic.
This works for a little while, after 15 minutes, the problem is back, and IP is looping and waiting to recieved one, but not get it. IP still
When IP is lost, are you connected to wireless network?
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
it authenticate to wireless network by puting the password. , but it is no getting an IP.
and DHCP is enable on this router. and automatic config on the pc.
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
Solucion: just buy a new router.
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