'Send on Behalf' to external recipients

Hi All

We are using Exchange 2003 SP2 with Outlook 2007 clients.

Let's say I have to users - Manager and PA.

PA has 'Send on Behalf' rights to Manager's mailbox.

So, if PA sends an email, and in the From: field enters Manager, the email is received to me as:

(Displayed in Outlook Inbox) From: Manager@domain.com
(Displayed in actual message) From: PA@domain.com On behalf of Manager@domain.com

So, I assume the following:

MAIL FROM: PA@domain.com
From: Manager@domain.com
Sender: PA@domain.com

However, if I send this to an external recipient (e.g. my Hotmail address), then there is no 'Send on Behalf' shown, it just appears to come from Manager@domain.com

Any ideas why this is? Does 'Send on Behalf' not work to external recipients?
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Send on Behalf of requires the client to support it, it is an Exchange thing. Some external clients can see the additional information in the headers and display the information, for example I have received emails form external sources with Send on Behalf of used, but because it was Exchange to Exchange, it worked. When you email a non-Exchange system, the behaviour cannot be predicted.

Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
In order for it to work the way it does for you, the sending user's account has to have Send As and Receive As permissions in AD to the "send as" user's account. So, you need to go into AD and add the PA user's account on the Security tab of the Manager's account, and give the PA user Send As and Receive As permissions.
kam_ukAuthor Commented:

Sorry - perhaps I didn't explain it well.

I want the PA to only be able to 'Send on Behalf'. This works fine internally...but if she sends an email to an external recipient, the Send on Behalf seems to be replaced as Send As, since there is no 'Send on Behalf' I can see in the email when viewing via Hotmail. She only has Send on Behalf rights to the Manager mailbox.

Does Send on Behalf not work externally?
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Sorry, kam_uk, I misread your post.  Simon is, of course, correct.
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