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SL9400 vs. P8600

Thinking whether to get the x200 vs. x200s. I know the differences but want opinions.
Between the two Processors the SL9400 has double the cache but has lower core speed
then the P8600.  Which holds the most performance or is it too small of a margin?
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There's a significant difference between 1.86GHz and 2.4GHz => this difference is much greater than the minor gains from the increased cache size.

In addition, the SL9400 does not have the EM64T extensions -- i.e. it's not a 64-bit CPU, so you won't be able to install a 64-bt OS if you should eventually want to do so.

Given the choices you've listed, I'd definitely go with the P8600.
... FYI, the P8600 scores 1607 on PassMark's CPUMark (an excellent measure of CPU "horsepower").   The SL9400 scores 1223.

So the P8600 outperforms the SL9400 by 31%
disruptAuthor Commented:
Thanks didn't really look at them in depth wanted to know benchmarks but yea the SL9400 I won't like if doesn't support 64bit
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I was actually looking at getting either the x200 or x200s as well. I decided on the x200s primarily for the battery life, and the added resolution helped as well. Anyway, while looking for reviews I came across this post and noticed it was mentioned it does not support 64-bit so now I'm not sure as I would need 64b also. I think I see where you got this information

http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Processors-Benchmarklist.2436.0.html  (number 60 on the list)

However, Intel's website is showing it as supporting 64b, as well as some sites selling the x200s and listing it as 64b when I google'd x200s 64-bit, so now I'm confused :)






Oh, also. The links I provided for the sites which is selling the Lenovo, some of them have it listed as just x200 and one as even x200T (have not heard of that one, may be a mistype). But my understanding is that the x200 does not even have the SL9400 as an option. Anyway, either way, the way they have it listed is that all of them are using the SL9400 even though it says just x200, etc.
Intel's Processor Spec Finder does not show EMT64 support in the Supported Features list for the SL9400:  http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLB66

I was a bit surprised at that, but they usually get it right [and the P8600 spec clearly shows EMT64 support:  http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLB3S ]

It appears, however, that they may have an error in the Specifications listed for the SL9400, as this page indicates that it DOES have EMT64 support:   http://www.intel.com/products/processor/core2duo/mobile/specifications.htm
... I suspect that's correct, as I wasn't aware of any Core-based CPU's without EMT64 support (which is why I was surprised at the Processor Spec page for the SL9400) => but you might want to confirm that with Intel if you're going to buy the CPU (just to be sure).   That's the first time I've ever seen an error on their Processor Spec page (assuming it is indeed an error).

Nevertheless, the P8600 is still a much better choice for CPU performance, as the PassMark benchmarks clearly show.

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