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Does anyone know if Exchange Server 2007 has built-in chat features?   since I'd like to have users be able to chat with each other internally and the "directory" would only be users here in the office.
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I've done extensive research on this "markymark" and have come up completely dry, except with the addition of Office Comm Srvr 2K7, as stated above. Here are some articles that go over features of exchange, none of which state Chat is capable of being supported. I actually would like this feature, as well, but know it's not gonna be out until Exchg 2K10 is released (MS added it back in their next version):

Not by my knowledge - Office Communication Server is the chat product...
Nope, the product you are looking for  is Office Communications Server.
markymark10Author Commented:
Windows Live Messenger will work with exchange server I beleive and I'm not sure how to set this up.  At the previous company I worked at, you could use the messenger Add a contact button and it would only look at the exchange server global address list.  does anyone know how to do this?
coolsport is right; although there is some integration on the client side (presence in outlook); this is purely outlook integration - not exchange. You used to have chat functionality in Exchange 2000 but this was split off in Exchange 2003.
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