Lotus notes with call pilot issues

This error comes up when I attempt to use call pilot. "DBU's cannot be shared between Processes". What does this mean? and how do i solve the problem, i am running lotus 8.5 and call pilot 2.5, need help please.
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TitlevestAuthor Commented:
no solution was found for this
TitlevestAuthor Commented:
Hi ComputerTechie,

I think my assistant may have mistook me asking him to check for comments on a similar question for him posting a new question.  But i will pose the same comment to you as well.

We made a template from the only known working mail file and applied to my mail file. It works and allows me to check my messages, but i periodically receive these pop ups regarding DBUs stating "DBUs can not be transferred between processes".  I found a siite with information (the same website infact) but my problem is the notes mail file where call pilot is successfully installed on and working fine was used with notes 8.5 on a mac and did not receive these pop ups.  Any ideas?
Mac software is written differently than windows software.  Is this a mac or pc?
TitlevestAuthor Commented:
I am working on a PC. What are DBUs? Maybe I can manually transfer this process?
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