DB-LIBRARY errors - 10024, 10007

We are running into these errors frequently (DB-LIB 10024 & 10007) on our production SQL Server. We are at Microsoft SQL Server version 8.00.760(SP3) running on Windows 2000. Server has got 3G Memory. We don't see any errors in the database error log. The bad thing is that this error kicks the user back to the main screen and they need to start over. Each time a user experienced this error it ranged from 1.5minutes to 4.5 minutes. The database has been defragged recently.

Any help is greatly appreciated in resolving this.

Thank You
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10024 is a connection timeout error. aka the user never connects to the DB


Can you get the full error from the code?
praveen_kattaAuthor Commented:
Not sure, this will fix, We are moving this application to a new server with Windows Advanced that can accommodate more memory. We are expecting that should solve the problem. I will keep you posted. For now, I will go ahead and close this issue.

Thanks for your response bcsql.

praveen_kattaAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help on this.
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