Can Security Warning be Disabled in a PDF with an embedded Web Link?

I have created an Adobe PDF file that has a web link built in using the Link Tool in Acrobat.
When one clicks on the part of the screen now where the link is, before the link opens, it present a security warning on the screen, giving one the choice to Allow or Block the link.  I would like to know how to disable this security message from coming up and instead have it go right to the link without having to click Allow (to continue).  Can this it be done?
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syd_rabinAuthor Commented:
I am building a project for a client.  I told him of this issue and he was not happy.  Part of the project is an interactive (live web link built-in) PDF which will be converted to HTML and then embedded in email (not attached, embedded).  When I was testing this out, (before I put it into email), while it was still showing in Adobe Acrobat / Reader, when I clicked on the link the security warning popped up.  

After I sent in the query to EE, I completed the process by exporting the PDF to HTML, then opening the HTML file in Firefox, doing a Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C, then pasting it into a new outgoing email and sending it to myself.  I then noticed that when I clicked on the link in the received email that it went right to the web page, no security warning at all.  It was later pointed out to me that the security warning is a by-product of the Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) program, and turned out to be irrelevant once the PDF became HTML embedded into an outgoing email.  Does that make sense?  So the bottom line is that I may have pulled the trigger too soon by submitting my query to EE, because the issue disappears once I get the PDF into an email.  Hope I did not confuse you here...and thanks!
Why would you want to do this, As a user I can uncheck a checkbox within reader to disable the dialogue box being shown, but I prefer to have it shown. Forcing an action on a user ie opening a link without the users consent, I think must be thought through. I like to know when things are being forced on me.
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