Maunally changing Groupwise profiles; still evident after installing Outlook 2007

After installing Outlook 2007 we are noticing Outlook grabs a Groupwise profile that is still on the local box. Does anyone have a way to automagically change this? I've read some threads on Experts Exchange about uninstalling Groupwise but we may have to keep it on the box for other users who may not be migrated.
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kevindubayAuthor Commented:
Thanks ZE,
Although we know how to change it in Control Panel, I may have worded the question improperly. We were having a problem with the new Outlook installation grabbing the old GW profile upon first run. This was annoying to the help desk as they would have to RDP or Remote Control or, physically go to the users box to correct the profile. I was hoping that someone had an idea about programmatically chagning with either a script or something that we could run from the backend.
Thanks for your reply!!
Go into the Control Panel > Mail and select the radio button that requires you be "prompted" to choose the profile to use.  This way you can have one or more Outlook profiles plus a GroupWise profile.

Even though it isn't "supported", Outlook 2007 will open up GroupWise mailboxes just fine.

Hope that helps..

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