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Garmin 205 Nuvi Maps are locked

So I called support and waited for an hour and a half and I wanted to get this info out there so others can resolve this issue without Garmin phone support.

This is a Garmin mistake of a map file, so it is probably going to be a rare case, however, you need to make sure this thread is pertaining to your problem.
This is for Garmin Nuvi 200 and 205 models.
This is only if you are allowed the lower 49 US states (not including Alaska and Canada)
This is only if you have connected your Garmin to you computer and in the Garmin subfolder, you have a gmapprom.unl (unlock file for your maps) and you have a gmapprom.img file size of 1.5+GB, the lower 49 states should only be around 1.0GB.

If you do not meet all the above requirements, then this resolution may not work for you and you could waste a lot of time.

Hook up your Garmin to your PC.

Run the MAP file that you downloaded from Garmin.  In this case it was called: Garmin_RMU_CNNANT2010B.exe ,if you deleted it or never downloaded it, then you have to login to https://my.garmin.com/mygarmin/customers/myGarminHome.faces go to MAPS, MANAGE MAPS and hopefully you can download again.

Once you run the MAP file, it will Extract, once extraction is complete, a Garmin Welcome Screen will appear, STOP!

Go to START, RUN, and type "%TEMP%" without quotes.

Look for the newest folder or a folder that is similar to "7zS77.tmp", this folder does not exist unless you extract the map file.

Copy that folder to your Desktop or My Documents.  (this will take nearly 2 GB).  Once copied, you can close the Garmin Welcome screen installation application.

Go into that tmp folder (my example is Desktop\7zS77.tmp\Windows\) and find Setup.exe, make a shortcut from the Setup.exe in the same folder to avoid confusion

Edit the properties of that new shortcut and ADD this AFTER the quotes (" -build_map_image 006-D0783-04).  So it should look something like this...  \Desktop\G-temp\7zS77.tmp\Windows\Setup.exe" -build_map_image 006-D0783-04

Close and save the shortcut

Now run the shortcut

After the IMG file is generated, a path will be presented to you, go to the path given and copy the IMG file to your (Garmin Drive)\Garmin\ (delete the existing IMG file if it is there)
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