Blackberry 8820 not receiving all the emails that come into our POP3 accounts

Several Blackberry users in my company are complaining that not all of their POP3 email's that they are able to receive with our email client (Pegasus Mail) are reaching their Blackberry's. (They are using 8820's exclusively)

They are not keeping their email client open so that the messages are downloaded before they get captured by Blackberry, so unless Blackberry (or AT&T, the provider) has some type of spam filters I dont know about, I cannot explain why the blackberry's would not catch all the emails that come through the persons account.

I have not seen this happen myself, as I use the AT&T Tilt and am not having this problem, so my guess is it is Blackberry related, but I have no way of troubleshooting this. Anyone have any idea's?

I would like to say it is user error, but they don't usually appreciate that :)

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moorhouselondonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the Blackberry control panel which is used to setup forwarding of messages to a Blackberry it is easily possible to put filters on to prevent certain messages from being sent to the blackberry.  For instance I filter out anything that starts off with [SPAM at the beginning of the subject line.  Maybe something like this has been setup?
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