How would you create a vlan on a cisco catalyst 3500 connect to Cisco asa 5500.

How would you create a vlan on a cisco catalyst 3550 switch connect to Cisco asa 5500 firewall.
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jordanrogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here is how to do it. It is a step by step walk through if you get stuck just add a comment and I will do my best. The second link is for vtp.
henjohn1520Author Commented:
What changes would need to be done on the asa 5500 firewall? Would I have to create a vlan to match the new vlan on the switch? Let me explain how the Cisco 3550 switch is connected to the Cisco ASA 5500 firewall.

Port 0/23 on the Cisco 3550 switch is connected to port 0/1 on the Cisco ASA 5500 firewall. Port 0/23 is in the Cisco 3550s default vlan 1 and its set to switchport mode dynamic desirable. Port 0/1 is in the Cisco ASA 5500s vlan1. What would be the first step?
You would create a trunk port between the switch and the ASA
On the switch:
 interface fast 0/23
  switch trunk encap dot1q
  switch mode trunk

Then, define a VLAN on the switch:
 vlan 123
Then, assign an interface to this vlan
 interface fast 0/xx
  switch access vlan123

On the ASA, create a sub-interface for the new vlan, with vlan ID
interface Ethernet 0/0.123
 vlan 123
 nameif vlan123
 security-level 100
 ip address
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henjohn1520Author Commented:
Would anything need to be done to allow computers on the new vlan to access the internet.
henjohn1520Author Commented:
I am unble to create a sub-interface with my cisco asa 5505.  I followed the commands that you provided, but I was unable to.
Ah.. 5505 is a little different
Here's a good piece from our friend batry_boy
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