Can I log smtp attempts on a ASA 5505

I have an ASA 5505 that I am using as a firewall.  I just set it up and I know that one of the computers in my network is sending out spam.  I believe that I know which computer is sending it, but I am not sure how to verify that it is this computer.  Can I do any logging with the ASA to figure this out?
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ged125Connect With a Mentor Commented:
See Below:

Monitor > Firewall Status > Pick the Zone Pair > Click "Start Monitoring"

Does that work on ASDM?
The quickest way would be to load Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) on the flash of the firewall and then look at this through the GUI interface.

If you have a CCO login, you can download ASDM here:

Documentation can be found here:
ryan80Author Commented:
I have ASDM loaded.  Where would I look to be able to see traffic specifically on port 25?
I have SDM in front of me, so it may differ slightly from ASDM.  I go to the monitoring section and look at the firewall sessions.  It shows me all active connections with protocol, port, source and destination IP addresses.  I will try to post a screen shot shortly.
ryan80Author Commented:
I am using ASDM version 5.2, so I may need to update it to get some more functionality.  there is not a firewall section under monitoring. I will just parse the logs to see if anything is hitting port 25.  Its my first time really using ASDM or a ASA so I'm just trying to make sure that I wont miss anything.
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