Gmal Attachments Won't Download into Apple Mail

I use Gmail as my primary email address. I download my email from Gmail to Apple mail (current version) through POP3.

I have some addresses when they send me an attachment it is not included/attached to the email when it arrives in my inbox - however, I can log into Gmail and select/download the attachment from there without problem. Then, I have some folks that send me an email with attachment, it comes through just fine.

Any suggestions? Is it a Gmail issue? Apple Mail issue? Sender issue?
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calldrdaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might consider using iMap access in Apple mail for your gmail, it's more reliable and will keep you in sync with your folders on your gmail and read messages
Are you sure the attachment isn't simply showing automatically in your mail program.  Apple's mail is smart enough to display attachments such as pdfs or images.  Do the emails show with the "paper clip"
rreckardAuthor Commented:
It is not showing in the email. However, when I receive an email from this person they have a small jpg image - a "virtual card" of sorts that does show up as an attachment. With the paperclip I can see that attachment, but not the intended file.
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