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Hi, I use Firefox as my browser but occasionally I need to use IE and something strange goes on whenever I try to use it.  I CAN NOT FIND THE IE7 ICON.  I went to Start menu/All Programs and its not there, right clinked on my computer, went to explore and program files and looked at all of the files that are in the Internet Explorer folder and the only file showing iexplore.exe is listed with a generic icon and it reads iexplore.exe.mui.

Now get this, if I google the desktop, it has a listing for iexplore.exe and if I click on that, it will open Internet Exlorer.  Sound strange????

I desperately need an icon for IE as I said because Firefox can not work with some of the links that I go to.
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Try this site. Scroll to the bottom of the forum and see if that solution helps.

Good Luck!
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
check the value under


Double-click the Attributes value name and change the data value from 1000022 to 22.
You might be able to add it back by:

1.)  right-click on desktop and select properties.
2.)  on desktop tab, click on "Customize Desktop"
3.)  on general tab, Desktop icons, you should have an "internet explorer" check box.

If its not there say so and we'll go from there.
Here is an Add-on for Firefox that will allow you to setup websites or even wildcards for URL's to open in IE within a Firefox tab. Comes in handy!
camtzAuthor Commented:
This worked.  The file was in i386 or something like that having to do with service pac 2.  Thanks a lot
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