Text missing from Outlook 2003 messages until you reply or forward

We are using Outlook 2003 sp3 on Windows xp.  Word is NOT set as our email editor.  Our default format is HTML.

I've just had a report of a user receiving a reply to an email where it appeared that the sender didn't type anything.  When he hit Reply, the text appeared.  (This also occurs if you choose Forward).  The problem may very well be limited to a particular sender or any sender from a particular company.  This being a law firm I don't know if a suggestion to ask that sender what email system they are using will be well-received.

The issue is reproduceable on other desktops.

Although I have been able to locate other similiar reports via internet searching, I have not found a good explanation of the problem or a suggested fix.  Only a workaround was mentioned and that will not work for us.  It was changing an option to read messages in Plain Text.  

Because the user who reported this is somewhat tetchy, it would be best if I could point to a well-documented issue with a well-documented solution - even if that solution is "sucks to be you."
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In Outlook: Tools>Options>E-mail Options.  Uncheck "Read all standard
mail in plain text".
QBUserAuthor Commented:
That option wasn't checked to start with.  When I DID check it it solved the problem, but I know that the atty won't accept that as a solution.  Unless that is indeed the only solution?
it's up to you. What do you want?
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