Windows Vista won't recognize CD or DVD disks.

I've been experiencing this for a while now. When I'd insert a DVD (or CD), windows would not recognize the inserted disk and freeze the window, so I'd have to eject it and Win would come back to life.

So I went out and bought a brand new DVD recorder and installed it only to find the same thing is happening.

Note that it I right click on the drive's icon and hit "explore" I *sometimes* am able to browse through the contents of the disc, but for a short while.

Both drives are IDE drives.

These didn't work:
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NikConnect With a Mentor Systems SpecialistCommented:
Since you bought a new DVD drive, is it possible to replace it with SATA DVD drive?
Before that, have you tried to use other IDE port?
Since you said that you don't have any cheap components in your machine, I presume you have enough power in your PSU, right?

Hi poisa,

Just curious, but did you try putting this drive into another Vista machine to see if this still occurs? Have you tried putting into a XP machine to see if the same thing happens? Have you upgrading the firmware to both DVD Recorders?
poisaAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I don't have another computer to try this.

The previous drive (ASUS) had the latest firmware, but the current one (Samsung) probably doesn't. I didn't check.

The computer is one year old. I put it together myself so I know every part of it. No cheap components. Mother and processor are Intel, video card is nvidia verto g-force, 4Gb of ram. All four hard drives are hooked up using SATA but the dvd drive is IDE. The motherboard's firmware is the latest one too.

I can't think of anything else that would help you detect the problem.
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try first another IDE cable.
then try connecting the drive to the other IDE port (where your disk is - right ?) as slave - mind the jumper !
if this does not work, try in safe mode to access cd's
poisaAuthor Commented:
I think have enough power in the PSU as I've been using the drive before and out of the blue it starts working erraticaly. It's a 450W power source, so I'm pretty sure it can handle the load.

All my other drives are SATA and one external USB drive. The only IDE drive is the DVD/RW. I'll go to the store on monday and get a SATA version of the DVD/RW and see how that works. The problem would be that my motherboard only has 4 SATA connectors, so in order to hook the DVD/RW up I'll have to unplug one of the drives. I don't really care; I'm leaving for a very long trip and need to back my stuff up before I go!

I'll post back on monday with the SATA DVD/RW results.
poisaAuthor Commented:
Changed drive for a SATA version of the same brand/model and everything works now. Too bad I have no clue what's causing this :(
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
Well, it might be a faulty IDE  DVD drive or a faulty IDE connector on a MBO.
Probably one of these two..

I believe that Windows Vista is the culprit here. I've noticed the issue where the CD drive and DVD drive will retain data from the last disc put in the drive, and will not refresh the disc info until boot time.  Annoying as hell.  As a fix for home PC, I switched to Ubuntu.  For work, well, I switched to Fedora.  

My reasoning here was that if I was going to have to support an OS and not get paid for it, I'd better have open access to any and all APIs necessary.

If you do not wish to migrate to linux, you are stuck relying on Microsoft's timetable for resolving the issue.
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