auto empy exchange mailbox nightly

I have read Auto empty Mailbox on Exchange from and i have a question. how would i go about setting up auto empty for just one mailbox? I have a voip system that uses an email account to send users their voicemails through email, this email box seems to get thousands of emails a day. I want to empty it everynight, however i do not want to touch anyone elses mailbox. How would i do this? is there a walkthrough somewhere that i havent found?

Thanks in advanced.
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Well, when you create the policy, it asks you what kind of policy you want, and you'll select mailbox management.

I would then set the filter (it's the first tab that pops up anyway, and it prevents you from accidentally applying the policy to the whole org).  Then go ahead and create the policy.

Once you create the polilcy, navigate down to the server and get the properties of the server.  On the Mailbox Management tab, you can set the frequency with which mailbox management runs.
When you set up the recipient policy per the other thread, you set a filter which is done on the first tab of the properties of the policy.

In the filter, you can select an individual mailbox.  On that first tab, click modify, then click the advanced tab, and select email address and enter the address of the mailbox you want the management policy to apply to.
VardataAuthor Commented:
I just want to confirm the steps.

1. setup policy to empty mailbox
2. setup filter on first tab to target single mailbox
3. it will empty nightly

am i correct in this thinking?
VardataAuthor Commented:
thank you very much for your help

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