Route more than 1 public IP address through Juniper Netscreen 5gt firewall

We have our web services set up at a hosted facility who has given us a block of IP addresses.  Currently we are only using 1 of the IP addresses to come through our Juniper Netscreen-5gt firewall and routed to our servers.  We are adding a website to our services and want to know if its possible to use the same IP address that we're using now and route it through the Juniper firewall.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank You.
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Sanga CollinsConnect With a Mentor Systems AdminCommented:
on the netscreen 5gt you can use a VIP to route a public ip to any equipment on your LAN. you can also use a MIP (mapped ip) since you have a block of static ips available. IMO Mip is a better way to go. you get more felxibility.

post more info if you'd like specific info on getting this working
sliknick1028Author Commented:
-Firewall set up in trust-untrust mode

If we want to add another IP address route policy into the firewall configuration for the 2nd website to hit the new web servers, where exactly would we do that in the Juniper configuration?  would I need to add it in another interface (the only options for that are Loopback IF, Tunnel IF, or VSI IF) would I need to add another routing entry?  

Another thought, I have multiple ports open in the firewall, could I plug in another connection and then another interface in the router configuration will become available??

sliknick1028Author Commented:
You can disregard my last comment.  We figured it out by creating a new MIP to route to the server private IP address.  So you were correct, thank you.  
We have it working when we set it to an internal IP address.  However it completely stops working when we use an internal IP address that is setup as an NLB cluster.  We can hit the NLB cluster internally with no problem, but externally it won't reach the page.

Do you know what the reason for this would be?
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
im not sure i have enough experience with NLB (network load balancing is what you meant right?) clusters to give you the exact answer.

ill check in a couple of the juniper forums to see if anyone has more info. i put the links below as well. both sites are great assets for juniper users who do not want to pay extortion money for support.
sliknick1028Author Commented:
Yes, Network load balancing.

Thanks for checking the forums for me!
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