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Need help setting up router for 5 static IPs

I have a linksys WRT54GS wireless router with firmware DD-WRT v24 flashed on it.

I have a 5-pack IP from my Charter ISP, I've been going round in round with Charter and linksys, I htink it's time for some clarification.

Static IP usable range: 75.xxx.xxx.2 to 75.xxx.xxx.6
Gateway: 75.xxx.xxx.1
Subnet Mask:
DNS: 68.xxx.xxx.10 and 66.xxx.xxx.10

How do I setup my router for my IP range? I want my server to have 3 IPs, and the other two computers each their own static IP to total the 5 static pack I'm paying for.  The router line goes into a Linksys SLM224G switch, and from their into the server, and two PCs (yet allowing me to hook up more computers when friends come over for the range for our lan parties) The two PC's I need different IPs so we can play CoD4...

Linksys, tells me: "Well, the option to setup the Router using these static IP is to connect the router as a switch and assign the static IP on the computer that you want to use."  (not very helpful, I'm technically inclined - but need more information)

Charter tells me I need to specify Static Range in the routers settings. Only problem is when I select "Static IP" under the 'Connection Type' dropbox for "WAN Connection Type" settings, I can only input 1 of our static IPs under "WAN IP Address"

Then it has fields for subnet mask, gateway, and DNS (which were provided by charter). And STP disabled.

Can you help me get this all sorted out? I asked my ISP what router do they suggest in order to utilize their 5-pack static IP's and I was told Cisco or Linksys.

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1 Solution
I would suggest try this:

1) From your ISP UTP Cable connect it to your switch

2) From the switch connect 1 cable to WAN port of your Linksys Router

3) Then connect a cable from LAN Port (of your router) to your switch

4) Setup your Router as follows:
      WAN: Use the IP Address that is provided by the ISP (the one with 75.x.x.x)
      LAN: You can still use range

5) Connect your 3 Servers on your switch and assign the IP Address provided by your ISP (the static public IP Address -- 75.x.x.x)

6) You can also use this on your 2 computers

7) If you want to use your LAN connection:
      a) Change your TCP/ IP Settings to "obtain ip address automatically"

Note: Both your Server and Workstations must be connected to the switch.
         IN this scenario you can use either Public and Private IP addresses.

This is the setup with least cost. The alternative requires you to setup Multiple DMZs that requires a little expensive equipments.

I hope this helps.

Stangman66Author Commented:
Thank you for the reply,

It's actually only 1 server, but I need 3 static IPs to host up to 3 websites, and I need to have a address for my PHP site accessible only on the LAN. (in case internet outage, I can still use the PHP site). Plus I need PC1 and PC2 (with their own static IP) to be able to access the server's PHP on the Lan (via:

How can I achieve this with the setup you described? I've included a drawing from your suggestion to ensure I'm understanding it correctly.

Stangman66Author Commented:
Sorry dude, I needed more detailed answer for my specific application. Thank you for your help anyhow.

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