Custom Word Document Propeties in Header/Footer

I'd like to create a Microsoft Word template that includes a header and footer which contains the custom properties fields in cells of a table.  Preferrably, I'd like for the author of the document to be able to enter into each cell the information and for it to update the document properties.  I have tried the built in functionality of Microsoft Word 2007, however from a template it didn't update the fields even when I entered them directly into the properties fields of the document.  I don't really care if this is done with a macro or some type of script, but it would certainly help with document management at this small county hospital that I work at.  I've attached a template for reference, but I'm open to suggestions.  Thanks for the assistance.
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Brian WithunCommented:
It doesn't appear that you actually placed the necessary field codes into your header.

I have attached an updated version of your document.
I would have provided you with a .DOT version, but EE won't allow DOTs to be uploaded for some reason.

Open this .DOC and save it as a .DOT

You can then create new documents based on the template.  When you do, edit the document properties as you have already been doing.

You'll notice the header doesn't instantly update after you've changed the document properties.  That's normal.

You can highlight any given field and press F9 to update it, or select the whole document and press F9 to update them all.  (this doesn't include the header/footer unless you have actually selected the header/footer before pressing F9)

ALL fields >>will<< be updated if/when you print.

Eric FletcherCommented:
You can also get the fields to update if you switch from Print view to Normal view and back -- or use Print Preview. Anything that forces Word to paginate will update the fields.
GolfgentAuthor Commented:
Solution didn't address being able to update document properties directly from the header, but it is still a viable solution.  Thanks to bhwithun for the solution.
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