Possible for Outlook 2003/2007 open another mailbox through IMAP or POP?

I have outlook connected to my exchange mailbox. I want to be able to open an additional mailbox that is connected to internet mail or a separate exchange server through IMAP or POP. I want to do this WITHOUT using a separate profile and switching between the two. I know on my Mac running Entourage, i can open another mailbox, and set it to a POP, IMAP or Exchange. You would think Microsoft would have this same setup for Outlook. Is there anyway to do this?

This is for Outlook 2003/2007

Thank you!!

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dfxdeimosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can open as many internet mail accounts as you want. Only one Exchange account can be used per profile.

Go to Tools -> Account Settings and here you can add or remove accounts.
matrix1324Author Commented:
WOW it must be Friday, i have obviously got myself so wrapped up i am confusing myself with a simple question, that i knew the answer to. Can i give you double points for dropping the ball on that one..lol.

Thank you for bringing me to my senses.
I will accept double points, no problem. =]

Take it easy, have a drink.
matrix1324Author Commented:
I am gonna go get a drink after that slip up... Thank you!!
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