Using strcmp to sort a file alphabetically

I am trying to write a program in C where I need to use strcmp to sort a file (with names) alphabetically.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Please advise.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h> 
/* Function main begins program execution */ 
int main(void)
    char name [ 30 ]; /* character length is 30 */
    FILE *cfPtr; /* cfPtr = unsorted_file.txt pointer */
    /* fopen opens file; exits program if file can't be opened */
    if ( ( cfPtr = fopen( "family.txt", "r" ) ) == NULL ) {
        printf( "File could not be opened\n" );
    } /* End if */
    /* Read records from file */
    else {
		// printf( "The list before sorted alphabetically\n\n" );
		// printf( "%s\n", "Name:\n" );
        fscanf( cfPtr, "%s", name );
        /* While not end of file */
        while( !feof( cfPtr ) ) {
				printf( "%s\n", name );
                fscanf( cfPtr, "%s", name );
        } /* End while */
int i;  
int strncmp(const char *s1, const char *s2, int n)
	  while (( *s1 == *s2) && (*s1) && i < n)
	 if (i == n)
		 return 0;
	 else if ((*s1 == *s2) && (! *s2))
		 return 0;
	 else if (( *s1) && (! *s2))
		 return -1;
	 else if ((*s2) && (! *s1))
		 return 1;
		 return ((*s1 > *s2) ? -1: 1);
  //printf( "%s\n", "Name:\n", name );
//	int fclose(FILE *cfPtr ); /* fclose closes the file */

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strncmp can only compare one string to another.  In order to sort the lines of a file, you will need to compare each string to every other one.
The standard way to do this is to read all string into memory (typically eash string into an element of a string array), then sort them, then output the sorted results.  As segurah mentioned, the quicksort algorithm can sort the array for you.  See :
    qsort Run-Time Library Reference
It's possible that this is a school excercise that does not allow the use of qsort or does not expect you to be able to use string arrays yet.  In that case, there is an alternative (though very ineffiecnet technique):
Read the file multiple times....
On the first pass, find the lowest string.  Output that.
On the next pass find the string that is the next to the lowest value.  Output that..
Repeat until you have output all of the strings..
Use the quicksort algorithm using strncmp as the way to compare where a string is 'less' or 'more' than another.
>> I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

For one thing, all your current program does, is read the names from the file, and display them on standard output.

Second, the standard <string.h> library already has an implementation for strncmp :

So there's no reason to re-implement it.

Now, your main is a good start. Don't forget to fclose the file at the end though, and to return an int from main at the end.

What you'll need to add, is code that actually sorts the file contents. One approach would be to read the entire file in memory (an array of strings for example), and then use one of the basic sorting algorithms on that array to get it sorted in alphabetic order. Other approaches have been listed above.

If you are not sure about what sorting algorithms exist, this wiki is a good starting point :

clscor2Author Commented:
Thank you for your input and assistance!
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