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Tonight seems to be successful. 1 problem down, 1 to go.. Hopefully. When I open administrative tools from my control panel, it opens to nothing. There are no administrative tools within. I can run the tools from the command line, but I cannot understand why my administrative tools folder does not show icons. Kind of a pain. I have looked here but am finding other solutions for the Administrative tools not showing up at all. This is sorta what I have, but I actually see the icon for it, just nothing inside.

Is there a way to rebuild the contents of this folder?

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Check this:

(Search for the registry called: List administrative tools)

or this:
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
1. Click START>RUN and type REGEDIT. Click OK.

2. Click the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
then Microsoft
then Windows
then CurrentVersion
then Explorer
then User Shell Folders

3. Delete the value named Common Administrative Tools

4. Open Shell Folders under the Explorer tree. Delete the value named Common Administrative Tools there also.

swaffAuthor Commented:
Hi, and thanks.

I did the first instruction, but there was not one in that folder. I went to the second tree and there was one there. I deleted that from the tree. I have not rebooted yet, but believe that one is required. I will report back with the outcome of that soon!

thanks for the assistance.!

Swaff -)
swaffAuthor Commented:
I have rebooted a few times but am still not seeing the shortcuts. I may just need to re-create them in the folder. I am just perplexed as to why they disappeared. (Windows and Perplexed!? go figure!)

I will close this question out at this time as there does not seem to be any other issues. Thanks for the help!

Swaff -)
swaffAuthor Commented:
the solution will be to re-create the shortcuts!
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