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How to have contents of one (or more) Lotus Notes Calendars appear in another Notes calendar

At work we have several shared calendars in Lotus Notes.  My local calendar is the only one that syncs to my Blackberry.  I would like calendar data from some of the other shared calendars to appear on my Blackberry.  I don't really need to add to the shared calendars, just view the data and make sure it is kept current while retaining my private calendar entries.

Perhaps some LotusScript magic and an agent?  It seems simple but it has stumped many techs here.  

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If they are in the same db, then it's trivial, you don't have to copy the documents, just edit the selection formula of the calendar view.

If the documents are in different databases then there's no way to do that.
Unless you're using DB2 as data store (only in v7 and higher). You can create DB2 Access/Query view, that's the only way in domino to show docs from different dbs in a single view).
I agree, that is difficult because to recreate them in your mail database via an agent would have to re-do all the calendar entry owners and what not just to view them within your calendar.

I've never seen it done but I guess theoretically it is possible
ciriglianoAuthor Commented:
The calendars are in different databases.  Here is what I was thinking from my simple understanding of LotusScript:

Begin Script

       1)Delete personal calendar entries that have been copied earlier from shared calendar (these would be   identified some way - perhaps a hidden field with the shared calendar name)
      2) For each calendar entry in the shared calendar from today into the future
      3)Copy it into my personal calendar and tag it (hidden field?) so it can be deleted at next agent run

End Script
I think that you have received the correct answer to your question (How to have contents of one Lotus Notes Calendars appear in another Notes calendar)...

You have to understand that EE is not www.rentacoder.com.

This is not place to order something and wait for the code, rarely someone is good (read: crazy) enough to code complex things for free. Even then it's usually something he has in his code library.
Great majority of us have day jobs, so we do this in pauses to keep our minds away from project we're currently working on.

Here you can get guiding for YOUR coding efforts, explanations and similar... But not like this.
There are loads of sites where you can pay someone to do the complete solution for you.

Or you can start on that solution yourself, the algorithm seems fine.
Be sure we'll be here to assist.
Have you explored group calendar feature?
And, more precisely, topic in Notes Help "Delegating access to your schedule information".
If you need to figure out free time of all attendants of a future meeting then that could help.

See here:

Do say if you're going to try to do it yourself, I'll give you a few guidelines...

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