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Here is one I cannot figure out for the life of me.  I had recently moved an Coldfusion 7 application from my personal server over to a corporate server and am running Coldfusion 8 Standard Edition.  In my application, I have these PDF reports that are generated upon request.  Some of them are rather large (715 plus pages).  On my personal server, these babies will run without problem.  On the new server, they will not convert into a PDF and I get this following error message "An exception occurred when performing document processing. The cause of this exception was that: java.lang.StackOverflowError." .  What is really interesting is that I can run the report on another category (same report through but only about 7 pages) and it will run just fine but it won't run for the large reports.  I am stumped.  Anyone have any experience with this error or some suggestions on what i might do to correct this?  When I remove the <cfdocument> tags, it renders perfectly upon a webpage but doesn't want to process too much data using the tags.  Is there a Coldfusion Administrator setting I am missing possibly?  Thanks for your help.
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azadisaryevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
see if installing CF8 cfdocument hotfix on your server helps:

monkstAuthor Commented:
I never even thought to check that.  I did exactly that and that fixed the problem.  This is an incredible resource to get issue worked out.  Way to go and thank you Azadi for your very quick reply.
monkstAuthor Commented:
Experts-Exchange is an incredible resource.  Everytime I have posted a question, I have never been turned away.  THanks to Azadi for a quick and accurate fix to my issue that I would have otherwise never found because I wasn't thinking in that direction.  Great work folks!!!
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