Ultra VNC repeater in linux

How to configure uvnc repeater in linux and client and server runs in windows ?.

After configuring  repeater in linux (trustix) and tried to connect from windows machine
getting error 'Proxy Connection failed -Error reading Protocol version' .

How to sovle this problem and how can implement SSL in uvnc ?
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WizRd-LinuxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The simplest way is to forward the connection rather than trying to "proxy" it.  The primary benefit of proxying the connection is to allow an additional level of security given that VNC is seen as insecure.

Check out : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/forward-port-port-80-to-lan-web-server-31132/ for information about forwarding the connection from "outside" to "inside".  You will need to know the destination port.
I'm not sure where you received your info.  The primary benefit of the VNC Proxy is so you don't have to have a static ip address on every single client computer that you want to connect to.  A workstation that has the UltraVNC Server installed can be connected to simply by knowing it's DNS name.  Additionally, you only have to forward one port to access all those client machines rather than a separate port for every single one of them.

As for VNC being insecure, I'd say that's a matter of opinion, especially as UVNC can utilize MS-II domain login protocol and RC4 encryption.  If it is insecure using that method, I guess the blame would be on the insecurity of ActiveDirectory logins.
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