When bringing a Hyper-V Cluster under the management of SCVMM

We have a two node server 2008 data center hyper-v cluster up and running with 43 virtual sessions. I have also stood up a new SCVMM server. If i bring the cluster under management of the SCVMM, will it change the mac address dynamically already assigned under the hyper-v servers? We have a virtual session that requires a static mac address, as a third party application requires license key to have mac address assigned in license key. My concern is if i bring cluster into SCVMM it will change the dynamic mac address assignment, even though I have it currently set on that session as static.
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timothydoerrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have already visited this and did not answer my questions. To make sure the host kept the mac address i chnaged it from Dynamically assigned macs to static on that particular. Host. Since this isnt a new host deployed through SCVMM it will retain mac address. If i was to have deployed it through SCVMM it would have used a global address from scvmm srever.
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