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I am getting slightly confused by what a VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) backup exactly is, say in the context of an Exchange server.

I've read the following article.


Just to confirm, would I be correct in thinking that that the VSS backup application takes a snapshot of the mailbox data and transaction logs, and then backs this data up so that the 'live' data is not interfered with?

And how does VSS work with file servers? Is this where I can find a snapshot that was taken at 7am, 10am etc? Where is this data actually held?
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Basically...in 'lamens' terms...VSS enables b/u software to SUCCESSFULLY (key word there) back up data while "live" or in production. So, for example, this is huge for SQL and Exchange because even outside of business hours, those servers have data being written to them almost continuously. For Backup software to successfully backup data, it needs the data to NOT be written to, and thus application/DB serices typically need to be offline. VSS technology does away with that...you can keep your production servers running and still get a successful backup. And, VSS is only on W2K3/XP and above.

Hope that helps.

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