UPDATE query with Select from two databases

I have to update a column in one database based on a select query that is between two databases checking for a null. This is what I have:

UPDATE db1.dbo.products  
SET active = '0'
FROM (SELECT db1.dbo.products.sku
      FROM db1.dbo.products
      LEFT JOIN db2.dbo.item ON db1.dbo.products.sku = db2.dbo.item.itemlookupcode
      WHERE db2.dbo.item.itemlookupcode IS NULL)

I am getting an invalid syntax error at ")"
I can't see what is wrong... please help.

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8080_DiverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try reformatting your query:
SET active = '0'
FROM db1.dbo.products P
LEFT JOIN db2.dbo.item 
ON db1.dbo.products.sku = db2.dbo.item.itemlookupcode
WHERE db2.dbo.item.itemlookupcode IS NULL;

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udaya kumar laligondlaConnect With a Mentor Technical LeadCommented:
replace       WHERE db2.dbo.item.itemlookupcode IS NULL)
      WHERE db2.dbo.item.itemlookupcode IS NULL) TableName
fullbuggAuthor Commented:
8080_Diver ... Thanks so much... That did the trick
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