Bonding two T1s - Recommendations on solutions

Does anyone have any recommendations for taking advantage of the bandwidth from two T1s in coming and outgoing without doing BGP?
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe the Sonicwall tz170 has the capability for two WAN ports.  You would setup a routing rule that would load balance the outgoing traffic wih care taken to make sure responses to external request go through the same interface.
After you add the second T1 to the Sonicwall, you would need to create the mapping from this providers external IP to the servers behind it.  And then setup your DNS to reflect both IPs for the various services.
Internet 1 -\
                  | Sonicwall - LAN
Internet 2 -/

Prior to adding the second T1 to the Sonicwall double check the sonicwall to make sure that responses to incoming requests are routed through the interface on which the requets arrived.  It might be referend as Packet tagging.
What options are available to you?  Are both T1's from the same provider?  Routing protocol options depend on the provider/s.  This will deal with advertising your LAN to the upstream.
Do you have your own IPs?
You can setup the routing to load-balance the outgoing connections (caution needs to be taken to make sure a response to an incoming connection request leaves through the same T1).

What type of hardware are you running. It's somewhat hard to give a solution without knowing more in-depth about your setup. A particular solution available to Cisco hardware users is a feature called Optimized Edge Routing (OER). I am sure other vendors have similar features.

Actually this feature has been renamed to Performance Routing (PfR).

Try Googling these and seeing if this is a possibly solution for you.
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if both are from the same ISP. your ISP need to set it up on their side too. in order to take the full 3Mbps up and down.
if it from different ISP then you do load balance, round robin, setup.  but you only have 1.5 Mbps speed to single connection.  
LAzuberiAuthor Commented:
They currently have a Sonicwall tz170 as their primary router. This router has a T1 from one ISP and there is another T1 not doing anything at the moment. There is also a VPN to NY on this Sonicwall. I would like to be able to add the other T1 to a router or something without much disruption to the existing nework right away.
dannlhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TZ170 has an opt port that can be used for load balancing between multiple circuits and/or failover. This is a software option and it usually needs to be purchased. (and may have been with the router otherwise you'll need to upgrade the software on the TZ170 to do this.) There are menu options in the router after you hook the second T1 to the opt port to allow load balancing with different IP paths. It normally doesn't split traffic from one session (and you don't want it to), but it does distrubute the communication sessions based on % of utilization between the main WAN and the OPT port. Be careful to route the appropriate traffic over the appropriate link if the T1s are from different providers. (e.g. route your email traffic to and from port 25 to the IP that is associated with the carrier that your mail normally comes in on. or... update your MX records to reflect the alternate paths.)

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