C# - Help with the DataTable.Select() method

I've got a DataTable object and I'm trying to run the select method on it to get back an array of DataRows specific to the select string I'm passing in.  The select string that is being passed in  is...
Category = \"Business Expense\" AND Date = 3-09

It is contained within a variable strSelect and I execute my statement like this...
drSelected = dt.Select(strSelect);

I'm getting the following error:
Syntax error: Missing operand anfter 'Expense' operator.

Is my select string not well formed?  How would I need to set it up?
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Nirmalan NagenthiranConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Use ' instead of double quote
try this way. Also check the date format
Category = 'Business Expense' AND Date = '3-09'

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josephdaviskcrmAuthor Commented:
That did it.  Thanks.
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