objWord.Documents.Open ... Loading Dialog

is there an options for this? .. what i do is that i first use objWord.Visible = False .. when Do so macros in the background (takes a few seconds) and Then do a objWord.Visible = True..

Now i want wa loading dialog ..

while testing .. a few times 'v seen a loading dialog .. including processbar .. i didnt programmed anything for this .. i think it has something to do with Documents.Open and is in the
Interop itself ..

anyone knows where i'm talking about?

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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One option is to use a backgroundworker. Design a loading form yourself, show it before calling the worker, open the document using the work, and then close the loading for on the work completed event.

I do not know what you are talking about and what is the actual problem.
Amien90Author Commented:
i want a loading screen with processbar while opening the word document.

Amien90Author Commented:
objWord.Visible = False
objWord.Visible = True

at some point i was seeing a loading screen .. including procesbar .. this text was in the actually dialogbox: Loading Dialog

but no i dont get this dialogbox anymore.. i didnt programmed anything for this.
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