Error: Expression is not a method


From the below code, the problem I'm having is on the second last line starting with DirectCast - I'm placing an object into CObjectManager and attempting to get it back casting it to a CTest class but the error I'm getting is:

"Expression is not a method."

I would appreciate some insight.

Public Interface IObject
End Interface
Public Class CTest
    implements IObject
    //Misc methods.
End Class
Public Module CObjectManager
    Private activeObject As IObject
    //set and get methods for activeObject
End Module
Public Sub Main()
    Dim testObject as New CTest
    DirectCast(CObjectManager.getActiveObject(), CTest).CTestMethods()
End Sub

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I am presuming your error is during compiling and not during run time

as DirectCast can compile but throw a runtime error if the data types are not compatible for casting.

so try the following as you cant cast into a data type only into a variable of that data type.

Dim MyVar as CTest;

MyVar = DirectCast(CObjectManager.getActiveObject(), CTest)

the way you have formatted
DirectCast(CObjectManager.getActiveObject(), CTest).CTestMethods()
is what you do to run a METHOD i.e.... Screen().ClearScreen()  would be a method to clear the screen (A Method does something)

you need to format an expression for example

SOMETHING = DirectCast(CObjectManager.getActiveObject(), CTest).CTestMethods()

hope this helps

Is CTestMethods your data type you want the data to be mapped into.

if it is then you need

CTestMethods = DirectCast(CObjectManager.getActiveObject(), CTest)
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Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Hi there,

Hm, I am not understanding this very well. See, my class is CTest that's what I'm wanting to typecast into. So I could do something such as:

CTest returnedValue=CObjectManager.getActiveObject()

But clearly I cannot do that (can I???) because getActiveObject returns an IObject, which needs to be cast.

Thank you,
oh I read your code now

you want it in variable testObject right?

testObject = DirectCast(CObjectManager.getActiveObject(), CTest)
Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
That's lovely - thank you. :)
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