The Moved Databases are not Moving

I have moved a Lotus Notes database from a server to another one by doing the following

1- right clicking the database
2- Clicking the Move option
3- Specify the destination server .
4-I got a massage of "database processed " 0 errors .
Taking into consideration that on the Aminp and Log files I found no errors no problems at all and the request was processed on the adminp .

But the thing is that even after 6 hrs the database could not be seen on the destination server .

What could be the reason ????
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I normally just replicate a new copy over, and delete the original.

If a Mail file, then you also have to notify the users, and change the person.doc.

 I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
There's a whole checklist in the Admin Help database on this topic, search for "Moving databases". An extract:

This feature isn't intended for moving mail files.
  1.      Make sure the source and destination servers are running the Administration Process.
  2.      Make sure that you have Create Database access in the Server document of the destination server and at least Manager with "Delete documents" access in the ACL of the databases on the source server.
  3.      Make sure that the source server (or another server that replicates with the source server and has a replica of the database) has Create Replica access in the ACL of the destination server.
  4.      Make sure the destination server has at least Reader access in the ACL of the replica on the source server.
akhafafAuthor Commented:
I think it seems to be a Network issue .
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