Spring MVC Annotated Controllers

I'm very new to spring mvc but not new to web development or the mvc design pattern.  I was running through the relatively straight-forward spring 2.5 beginners tutorial when at some point I discovered that 2.5 supports annotated controllers and request mappings (@Controller @RequestMapping) in lieu of xml cofiguration - a very attractive feature in my opinion.  However I'm having a very difficult time finding documentation that is complete on how to leverage this feature - I see a lot of partial instructions but none geared towards the spring mvc beginner.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the problem you will have is that because annotations came along afterwards the annotation tutes all assume you already know how to use spring mvc without annotations.
so think you'll find you'll need to learn the two separately (which isn't such a bad thing)


superflie26Author Commented:
Thanks for the direction - I had seen that article previously and in fact had run through the step-by-step spring tutorial (with annotations) without any issues.  My biggest problem was trying to understand which build-path libraries were required to get annotations supported properly, I couldn't get it working properly.  Although I do agree with your answer.
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