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Hi there - I was reading a previous post where a man was trying to find a way to export contact from OWA so he could re-load back into Outlook and eventually into his smartphone, etc.  War1 suggested copying and pasting OWA contacts into an Excel spreadsheet, then saving as a CSV - easy enough from there.  But when I'm on my web access mail and click contacts, I cannot seem to highlight and copy any of these entries, either with a right click or on the menu  bar above.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there another work-around or third party app?  Anyway to get my server administrators to pull them off?  I lost all my contacts on Outlook when my computer crashed and OWA still has them...

Thanks, Diane
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OWA is connected to exchange.  Log into a computer on your network that has outlook and startup outlook.  Your contacts will be there.  You can do a file -> export into a .pst file if you need them.  But usually you can just download activesync 4.5 and hook it up to your smart phone to sync your email and contacts.

difsAuthor Commented:
While this answer was technically accurate, I required a solution that did not use Outlook to retrieve addresses (crashed computer as mentioned in the question).
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