Turbo Tax keeps trying to install

I  am working o a Windows 2000 Pro box, every time you logon you get prompt for the turbo tax CD. and if you cancel it. It still runs every time you click on anything- IE, My Computer! It keeps popping. I don't have the CD.
I ran the Microsoft cleanup utility, but it still comes up
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It is try to run a repair. You might need to either remove it (if it lets you), or run the installer (downloaded from the web) and reinstall/repair it.
jackm1Author Commented:
It was not downloaded, and I don't have the CD.
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jackm1Author Commented:
I did this:

start/run, type services.msc and click "ok". Scroll down to "Windows Installer" and double click it. Stop the service if it is running, set the startup type line to disabled. Click apply/ok and reboot.

Delete the contents of the temp folders, there may be a file in there interfering with the setup routine of the installer. Check both:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\local settings\temp

And Restarted the service and it still did not work.

Is there some where in the Win2k registry I can find this and stop it?
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
I had the same thing happen to me at the beginning on the tax year.

Do the following:
Download a trial version for the site.
Install it (Same version, install into same location)
Once you have done this.
Reboot the computer.
Your SHOULD not be ask for the CD, as it is already successfully installed.
Go to
My Computer | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
And Uninstall Turbo Tax and all it's Add-ons.

Then Reboot the computer
And you should be fine.

This is a none bug in the Turbo Tax program.
And can only be resolved by reinstalling and uninstalling the program.

Good Luck
Try Windows Install Cleanup Utility from Microsoft:


I'm not POSITIVE it runs under Win2K, but worth a try.
jackm1Author Commented:
I did try the Windows cleanup utility but it did not work.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Did you do what I suggested?

This post needs to be finalized.
Please come in and let us know what is going on with it.

jackm1Author Commented:
The problem was the installer, Thanks
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Any reason why you never come back to let me know rather or not you did what I suggested?
Considering that the information that I provided for you was from personal experiance and also
Suggested by Turbo Tax support.

Thanks for not coming in and replying to none of my messages.
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