A PC that won't connect to the internet through Internet explorer but can ping external ip addresses but not DNS Names

Summary of problem.
The PC wont connect to the internet.
When you have IP Address set to auto it picks a local IP Address but does not see the gateway or a DNS Server or a DHCP Server
When you manually set up the IP Address   You can ping the Router and an external DNS server  You cant ping www.google.ie.
I dont know why this PC is not connecting to the internet. My thoughts are that there is a problem with the DNS side of the house but I dont know how to go after it.
The NIC is built into the motherboard and I presume it is working correctly because it will allow me to ping external sites.
I have now installed a new PCI NIC but it has made no difference.

Attached is a detailed document including screen shots that may be of assistance.

Regards Heber Mac Guinness

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The_KingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can try static addressing

primary DNS

does your router support dns forwarding?

alternatively your TCP/IP stack is corrupt and needs resetting this can be done as follows

(1)Start menu
(2)All programs
(4)Right click on command prompt
(5)run as administrator
(6)type netsh winsock reset (hit your enter key)

You will know if you did this correctly if you get the following message
(You have successfully reset your winsock catolog you must restart your machine
before it takes effect)
restart your machine and then test. To test open the command box again and type
ping (hit enter)
you should recieve 4 packets sent 4 recieved 0 lossed
now try connecting to the internet..

XP - has a vb tool which will reset all for you

If the above hasn't worked and your using vista it could be to do with the IP v6 stack which is supposed to work on top of the IP v4 as not a lot support v6 but it does this very badly so try disabling v6 and see if this helps

to disable IPv6 in vista
In the Network Connections folder, obtain properties on all of your connections and adapters and clear the check box next to the Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) component in the list under This connection uses the following items.

This method disables IPv6 on your LAN interfaces and connections, but does not disable IPv6 on tunnel interfaces or the IPv6 loopback interface.
Add the following registry value (DWORD type) set to 0xFFFFFFFF:


This method disables IPv6 on all your LAN interfaces, connections, and tunnel interfaces but does not disable the IPv6 loopback interface. You must restart the computer for this registry value to take effect.

Heber_Mac_GuinnessAuthor Commented:

Hi King.

Oh to be an expert.
The Computer is a windows XP Version 2002 Service pack 1.
Your recommendation to use the VB Tool worked a treat.

You would understand the number of Hours I have spent on this problem, thats why you are the expert.   I would never have found your most elegant solution.

Thanks again

Heber Mac Guinness.

Glad I could help and its always worth keeping a copy of that VB tools as you would be suprised with how much stuff can mess with your winsock.


   The King
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