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Wireless Encryption different

I have older SMC wireless router that provides WEP Mode 64 or 128-bit encryption.
While login into the client XP asking to type 40 or 104-bit password.  When WEP disabled is all works but need to establish a security on a wireless.  Is there a way to match those encryptions things to connect to the router secure?
Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
It uses a 104 bit (26 Hex Character) "secret key", and a 24 bit IV. (6 Hex Characters)

giving you 32 characters (128 bit) it is just being refered to as 104 which is the same as 128 hard to believe from the sound

same goes for the 40bit key it also has another 24 bits they fail to mention

so in summary
104 bit wep key = 128 bit wep key
40 bit wep key = 64 bit wep key

but wep is weak and any script kiddy can break it

better using WPA with a good strong key using number, letters, capitals and lowercase

hope this helps
mmcsadminAuthor Commented:
My old SMC has only WEP Mode 64 or 128-bit... No WPA.  What gives??
you will have to use wep then
128 bit is obviously the strongest (otherwise known as 104bit)

it is 32 hexadecimal numbers

i.e a hex number is a number based on 16 so in comparison to the decimal based on 10 is as follows
10=16 and so forth

therefore you want 32 digits 0-F i.e

best number is one picked randomly out of your brain but dont forget to write it down somewhere.

the WEP encryption will prevent the average tom dick or harry and your neighbours from being able to read what you transmit

but it wont stop a pro or someone with a bit of know how.
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mmcsadminAuthor Commented:
but but my XP doesnt have WEP but only WPA and WPA-PSK...  So what should I do?
XP does support WEP. follow the following instructions

 Connecting with WEP Security Enabled :

Follow the below steps to connect to a wireless LAN with WEP security enabled:

   1. Ensure that the wireless device is enabled.
   2. Or, by using the Wireless Configuration Utility to enable/disable the wireless card.
   3. When Windows detects available networks, a bubble will pop-up. Click the bubble to see a list of available wireless networks.

   4. Select the desired wireless network to connect to and click the Advanced button to connect to the listed wireless network.

   5. Select the available wireless network and click Configure.

   6. Make sure the following information is provided:
         1. SSID: The network name is by default auto populated.
         2. Network key: This is the WEP encryption key
         3. Key index

   7. Uncheck the option for The Key is provided for me automatically and enter the network key in the available field as shown below. Click OK on both of the dialog boxes to continue.

   8. The wireless connection status bubble will be displayed after closing out of the above dialog boxes.
infact best way would be

the wep key needs to be programmed into your router first and wep enabled. This must be done with a wire and NOT wirelessly

goto control panel / network connections
right click the wireless network and click view available networks
double click your network
type in your 32 digit hex key (128bit)
and connect

this should do it think I gave you intstructions for some HP thing just.

if when your in network connections you cant view any wireless networks because something has disabled it.

then you need to use the software which came with your wireless card.

so if this is the case let me know and let me know the make/model of your wireless card in you pc.
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