How do I use getline to read a file into an array?

Posted on 2009-04-18
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Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I am trying to read a file into a 2D integer grid array. When I run this code, I get two errors - one at each use of getline. The error is: "no matching function for call to 'getline[(((long unsigned int)(((int)rows) - 1)) + 1u)][(((long unsigned int)(((int)cols) - 1)) + 1u)], int, char)' ". Is something wrong with my input to getline or the integer array?
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream> 
using namespace std;
int main () 
	// open the file
	ifstream sampleGrid("/Users/vshen/Documents/EECS 311/Program 1/sample_grid.txt");
	if (sampleGrid)
		cout << "File opened." << endl;
	// exit the program if the file can't be opened
	if (!sampleGrid)
		cerr << "File cannot be opened." << endl;
		exit (1);
	// figure out the number of rows and columns... or just assume they're 10
	int rows = 10;
	int cols = 10;	
	// create the array that will store the grid
	int rowsread = 0;
	int colsread = 0;
	int myArr[rows][cols];
		getline(myArr, 20, '\t');
		if(rowsread == rows)
			rowsread = 0;
			getline(myArr, 20, '\t');
	return 0;

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Question by:vwps

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With getline(), you try getting line from a file, the signature of the function will be:
getline(char**, size_t*, FILE*)
getdelim(char**, size_t*, int, FILE*)

Make sure your myArr is what you want to put (Do you want to dereference once first? It was a 2D array)
Check also the size you pass into the getline/getdelim will not overflow your char array...

Accepted Solution

ewest02 earned 2000 total points
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look at the definition of getline()

basic_istream& getline(char_type *str, streamsize count);
basic_istream& getline(char_type *str, streamsize count, char_type delim);

The first argument is a pointer to char_type. You on the other hand are passing a pointer to a 2D array of integer.

You will need to read in  the integer values as strings ( eg "123") or at least a series of char and then convert from char string to integer.


Author Closing Comment

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Thanks a lot!

Expert Comment

ID: 24177822
NOTE:  The variants of getline() and getdelim() as suggested by doraemon2555 are not C or C++ standard functions. These are GNU C extensions. Use them at your own risk...


Expert Comment

ID: 24690432
You read it to 2d array. Then you need to use getline like this

int i=0;
                getline(myArr[i], 20, '\t');

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