converting to vbs language

Hi I wonder if any one can convert an autoIT script to vbs. If possible.

Opt("TrayIconHide", 1) 
WinWait("NetScreen-Remote Setup","Welcome to the NetSc")
If Not WinActive("NetScreen-Remote Setup","Welcome to the NetSc") Then WinActivate("NetScreen-Remote Setup","Welcome to the NetSc")
WinWaitActive("NetScreen-Remote Setup","Welcome to the NetSc")
WinSetState("NetScreen-Remote Setup","Welcome to the NetSc", @SW_HIDE)
ControlClick("NetScreen-Remote Setup","Welcome to the NetSc", "Button5") 
WinWait("Confirm Uninstall","Do you want to compl")
If Not WinActive("Confirm Uninstall","Do you want to compl") Then WinActivate("Confirm Uninstall","Do you want to compl")
WinWaitActive("Confirm Uninstall","Do you want to compl")
ControlClick("Confirm Uninstall","Do you want to compl", "Button1") 
WinWait("Uninstall IPSec Security Policy","Would you like to de")
If Not WinActive("Uninstall IPSec Security Policy","Would you like to de") Then WinActivate("Uninstall IPSec Security Policy","Would you like to de")
WinWaitActive("Uninstall IPSec Security Policy","Would you like to de")
ControlClick("Uninstall IPSec Security Policy","Would you like to de", "Button1") 
WinWait("NetScreen-Remote Setup","NetScreen-Remote Set")
If Not WinActive("NetScreen-Remote Setup","NetScreen-Remote Set") Then WinActivate("NetScreen-Remote Setup","NetScreen-Remote Set")
WinWaitActive("NetScreen-Remote Setup","NetScreen-Remote Set")
ControlClick("NetScreen-Remote Setup","NetScreen-Remote Set", "Button1")

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Habib ZakariaNetwork Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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I am pretty sure that AutoIt just uses some windows APIs to manipulate an application's user interface.  While you could research this on your own and create COM objects to do this in vbscript, my question would be... why? AutoIt does a great job of this, it does not need to be installed on the end user's computer that is running it.  The user, or system, just needs to start the compiled AutoIt script and it does everything it is supposed to do as if it were installed.  It's a self contained full autoit install without leaving anything behind when its done. Its pretty darn good for most scripting jobs.
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