Restore an Exchange DB from an old Domain into a new domain after old Domain is no longer accessible


I am trying to restore an Exchange DB from an old domain into a new domain.

The old domain is dead and buried.

I have tried to moutn the DB into RSG but no luck.

Error: MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1276)

Looking forward to your help.

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1) Make sure database is clean shut down. eseutil /mh command should help you to know the status.
2) Check event viewer and see if you have any event 1088. If that is the case than your Exchange ORGANISATION and Administrative Group name is different.
In order to mount database copied from it is MANDATORY to have same exchange ORG and AG name.

run find /i "OU=" <path of the .ebd" file. With this command you will be able to see your old Exchange organisation and AG name.
If the ORG name and AG name is different, then you will need to either remove exchange re-install it again with correct ORG and AG name OR download and run LegacyDN tool to fix ORG and AG name. NOTE:- LegacyDN tool is not recommended for production.
The issue that you are facing is due to the event 1088 in the app logs
In short the reason that you are getting this error is due to the fact that the Exchange Db that you have...was installed in an Exchange environment with a different ORG name and Administrative Group name
This db will NOT mount until your present Exchange ORG name and AG name matches exactly as the previous Exchange environment
To rename the present ORG name and the AG name to your previous Exchange ORG name and AG name you can use a tool called LegacyDN
Now if you are not comfortable using this tool as it is not recommended to run it in production....then you would need to setup a recovery server with the same ORG name and AG name as your previous Exchaneg Environment and then restore the database there.
Once you do this then you can use the exmerge utility and extract the psts and then move them over to your current production server
PS: If you donot know the name of your previous ORG name then event 1088 will mention the name
darobertson95Author Commented:

I will assign points now, although I do not know when I willl hav time to set up the server. I will try and post back when I have done so successfully.

Kind Regards

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