how mulitiple VLANs can share one uplink on Dell Power Conenct 2748

I have Dell Power Connect 2748 Switch, I want to create multiple VLAN on this switch but I am facing one problem..It is like this..
1. I want to create a VLAN (VLAN2)  for ports  25-42.
2. and there is already defatult VLAN (VLAN 1) so all other ports (1-24) are in that VLAN.

Now all devices which are connected to the VLAN 1 interfaces  are able to ping uplink (port 47 is uplink) and can go to outside.

But the devices which are in VLAN 2 are not able to go outside.

can u please tell me how can I share one uplink in these (mulitiple) VLAN.
is it possble that  we can configure trunk port on this swtich..
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set port 47 and the other side to trunk. that should do it.
what is the device on the other end.
mandybhullerAuthor Commented:
Hi ajeab

I was also thinking about that..but I do not know how to configure a port as  trunk port in DELL 2748. can u please tell me how to do that..
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
maybe this will help

i do not know the syntax of dell command line
basically you need to enter switchport configuration and set its mode to trunk then allow vlan migration
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mandybhullerAuthor Commented:
hi Roads_Roads

Dell 2748 does not have condole port. I cannot do ssh/telnet to it. It has only web interface and there I do not find any option for configuring a port as trunk port.

So how can multiple VLAN can share one uplink.
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
this is indeed true, strange thou
trunking then might be not available - do you have any router in the network ?
what is it you are trying to accomplish with two vlans?  do you wish to have two separate networks with an external router between them?  are you setting up two independant networks with no communication between them?  the only time i've put one port in two vlans is when the port is tagged is you would do to support voip phones.  what are you trying to do?
if you cant find where to enable trunking try tagging port 47 to be on both vlans, which is basically what a trunk port is depending on which vendor you are talking about in regards to 802.1Q vlan protocols
that why I ask what device on the other side that connect to port 47. because if the device understand vlan, then you should not have much trouble

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