How do I check DNS settings are right and all on os x server

I have been having some kerberos errors with my Xserve as when i try to access the directory from a client it gives me an error about finding the KDC.  is there some way i can check to make sure all is ok?
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heteronymousConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Many Kerberos issues do indeed occur as a result of faulty/missing DNS entries for the server(s) in question.

The command you should run to check your DNS lookup(s) for your server (on the server itself)


{code}sudo changeip -checkhostname{code}

that runs a verification routine, doesn't change anything.

It should come back with some info ending in "there is nothing to change"

Please share the full result/output of that command.

As well you should run

{code}sudo scutil --get HostName{code}
and verify that returns a correct result.
huntsonAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long.

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