ISA Server 2006 internet explorer browsing right's

Before i install ISA on server computer i configure all ip and check if internet can browse all is good and working/ready but after i finish installation of ISA then i try to browse from internet explorer for this computer it showing " cannot find server or DNS error" Is there more configuration need to be configure in order to give right for administrator of this computer and can someone help me about the step by step configure for this problem.

kindly note :i try to give right and browse internet explorer from other pc and it's working fine.
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hau_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By default ISA is a firewall and it denies http/https request from himself.
From system policies you must allow http connection in order to be able to access internet.
But per microsoft do not do that if its not necessary.

By default ISA doesn't allow internet browsing from the server it's installed onto.
From memory there is a deny rule in place for http and https from localhost, you just need to remove it.
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