Connecting to MSSQL EXPRESS 2005

I am have having trouble to connectting to MSSQL EXPRESS 2005 on shared hosting via VPN from MSSQL 2005 Server Management. Does connection to Express work differently that normal SQL.
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No it should be the same, state servername(or IP),(port if needed) and sql account and pass.
Have a look here as it might be port related:
frosty1Author Commented:
thanks you answered my question. Turns out that the hosting company was using 2008. Therefore i need to download
If you dont have permission to view all databases on the 2008 enviroment and if you will need to use management studio 2008, you will most likely get this error:

To fix it:
click View, Object Explorer Details. Then, open Databases. Finally, click the header columns and uncheck Collation
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