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Wireless Guitar/Drums disconnect Rock Band

Does anyone know a solution for the Rock Band wireless controller that keeps disconnecting at random? I tried changing the batteries but it still disconnect (turn off) from my Xbox 360. The warranty is over so I can't return it. I though it might be solder that is bad but before opening up the guitar, I wanted to ask here before.
2 Solutions
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Try removing anything else from the area that uses 2.4GHz wireless technology and switching off (rather than standby) anything else electrical in the room while you're playing to see if the connection becomes more reliable. If so you'll need to gradually put stuff back until you find the culprit that is interfering with your connection.
I would first try re-syncing the hardware. If it still does not work, then you most likely have one of two things occurring:

1. The hardware is faulty :(
2. There is a piece of equipment close enough to the XBOX to cause interference

If #2 is the case, it is usually a home phone or something that you wouldn't normally think of. I would look at these options first and see what happens before purchasing all new hardware.

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