How do I set up an Internet Calendar that can be viewed and altered at two separate locations/emails?

I'm syncing my current Internet Calendar from home.  I've included my work email and it syncs online, but I can't seem to set it up so I can also make changes to it at the office (only view it).  This is what I want to be able to do.
At home I'm on a POP3 server, at work we use Microsoft Exchange, but the same ISP, and I'm only allowed to access my email on the company Webmail (a big reason why I want to do this).  
It's on Outlook 2007 right now, but I plan on converting to ACT! 2009 in the coming weeks, and am hopeful I'll be able to continue it with that.  Am I asking too much?
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
you may consider using another calendar service as a bridge to connect your two copies of Outlook calendar. Google Calendar can be your choice as it is always accessible on the internet. it uses a small utility to sync the calendars.

Getting started with Google Calendar Sync

the small sync utility can be downloaded from

you may also consider using a SharePoint based calendar if an internal WSS/MOSS server is available.

hope it helps,
I believe that you can set up your outlook to connect to an Outlook Web Access server, if it is internet accessable.
CanadianJeffAuthor Commented:
lanboyo, yes, I was able to get it to connect via an Outlook Web Access server.  However, I can only update the calendar from my home location.  It is read-only when I get to work.  Do you know if I can make it accessible at both locations?
bbao: Can you perhaps explain the SharePoint based calendar (and the WSS/MOSS server)?  I will try the Google calendar sync, but likely won't have time this week, meaning I'll be making you guys wait longer for your points.  I hope that's okay!??  Oh, are there any advantages to the SharePoint vs the Google Calendars?
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CanadianJeffAuthor Commented:
I guess I could use the Google calendar in order to update it at work and home, and then sync my BlackBerry with only my home calendar... does that make sense?  I'd still be able to sync new contacts at the office or at home, too, so this may work, so long as Google Calendar syncs both ways with Outlook.
I personally use blackberry calandar, and sync my blackberry to it with googlesync.

I can not sync my corporate calandar to it however, because I am not permitted to install the outlook googlesync.

So if it suits your needs then that is a good thing...
CanadianJeffAuthor Commented:
"I believe that you can set up your outlook to connect to an Outlook Web Access server, if it is internet accessable."
Do you mean that I may be able to set up Outlook 2007 to sync calendar and contact items with the Web Access server so, for example, emails are linked to particular contacts, the way it's supposed to work?

Company email server is: Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access, Provided by Microsoft Exchange Server.
At home I am connected directly through Outlook 2007.  That's where I'm able to use Office integrated, but under my personal email.  I have a copy of my emails from work forwarded to my home automatically as well.  
At work, or if I have to log into the company system, I do so via Web Access on the internet, so on my computers Outlook is not connected to Web Access (i.e., I can link an email to a contact, or link a calendar item to a contact when working directly on my computers, but I can't link anything to anything working through the Web Access server.).

In short, I'm logged into Outlook 2007 directly when at home, but have only basic email via Web Access at the office (though I still have Office 2007 on my laptop, but it's separate from my email at that point).  
CanadianJeffAuthor Commented:
I guess I should have asked 'set up an internet calendar "that can be updated/changed/altered" at two separate locations.'
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