Problem with FLash XML Slideshow IE7 IE6 Firefox

I am having a real issue with this slideshow I made for this website:

I made a simple flash file that call a file called images.xml which calls the images. If I open the page in Safari it works, but If I open with ie6 ie7 or Firefox it shows the frame so I know it is loading the flash file but it does not show the pictures. which leads me to belive it is not loading the xml correctly.

Any ideas?

Also as a bonus if anyone knows why in ie6 there is a huge gap between the quote and flash and the main content and left sidebar that would be cool.

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Hi - is it the Flash Tuts section?
where is your xml file relative to the swf location flash/preview.swf?
how are you pathing to the xml from the swf?
you should be pathing relative to the html page.

cwconleyPresidentAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I had the pathing wrong.
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